The word «Bitcoin» can get in the dictionaries of the Russian language, together with the «HYPE»

As reported by the agency «Moscow», the Institute of Russian language. V.Vinogradova of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) admits that the new Russian dictionaries will include such words as «hip» and «bitcoin».

The position of the scientific community was commented on by the well-known philologist, leading researcher of the sector of theoretical semantics of the Institute Irina Levontina, the author of dictionaries, monographs and popular books about new trends in the Russian language. According to Levontina, these words still have little chance of being included in educational dictionaries, but they can be found on the pages of dictionaries of other categories:

If we talk, for example, about the educational dictionary of the Russian language with a dictionary of 5,000 words, then neither «hayp» nor «bitcoin» will obviously get there. If we have a dictionary of new words or a dictionary of foreign words, especially a large one, then the situation is different: it is very likely that we will see these words there. There is a great chance for these words to get into large (by 30,000 words or more) explanatory dictionaries of the Russian language, but the question is when it is worth doing: still do not wait a year or two, letting the word settle, it would be reckless. The dictionary does not only contain a reference to a word, but a range of its meanings and the usual contexts of use, and that they take time to form.

Levontina noticed that there is no official body in Russia dictating what words should be present in the dictionaries, and such a decision is solely the prerogative of the author’s collective.

It is worth noting that the words «bitcoin» and «hip» have long been firmly established in the language. They can be heard even from the lips of senior officials: for example, last summer, presidential aide Vladislav Surkov publicly used an expression such as «useful HYIP».

The closest in meaning to «haypu» Russian word is «hubbub». The expression «inflate the HYIP» is close in meaning to «raise a hubbub.» The word implies information or media noise, more often in a positive sense. We can say that «HYIP» is an admiration reaching a degree of hysterics. Other words close in meaning are the originally Russian «hype» and came from the French «hype».

It is noteworthy that the words «bitcoin» and «hip» took the second and third places respectively in the ranking of the ten main words of 2017, issued by the Center for Creative Development of the Russian Language. The word «crypto-currency» along with «toxic», «battles, doping», «fake», «visa-free» and «harassment / harassment» also fell into the top ten.