The US Securities and Exchange Commission laughed at the crypto currency mania

Less than three weeks have passed since the shares of Long Island Iced Tea Corp. grew by as much as 289% after the company was renamed into Long Blockchain Corp., as the agency responsible for implementing US securities laws decided to take its example to armament. On Monday, January 8, Fort Worth, the Texas branch of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), made a tweet on the creative idea:

We think, whether to add to our name the word «block». There is a suspicion that this will increase the number of subscribers by 70,000%.
Since financial regulators have begun to release thematic jokes, it remains only to state: the crypto-currency mania is in full swing. Perhaps, investors can add such jokes to the list of signals that indicate the state of the market.

It is worth noting that the ratio of regulators to digital assets is not always so good-natured. Last year, the SEC collapsed on some crypto-exchange exchanges, and China and South Korea tightened their nuts for traders and miners.

As a result of these measures, the positions of bitcoin, etherium and lightcoin have weakened this week.