Prize in a new game on Steam will be one bitcoin

Motherboard reports that on the online service of computer games Steam appeared a new puzzle game from the developers of Gem Rose Collective called Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma («Montecrypto: riddle of bitcoin»).

The game will be launched on February 20. It is a set of 24 puzzles that the player must unravel by moving around the maze. The reward for the solution is bitcoin.

Players can solve puzzles on their own or together with other users. Participants are allowed to leave hints for others or confuse them with false clues that lead to a dead end. In the end, only one lucky person can win bitcoin.

The game costs $ 1.99, and the price of one bitcoin is now slightly more than $ 9,800, so the luckiest and savvy user is shining a solid jackpot.

In the Frequently Asked Questions section of the game, Motherboard journalists found a link to the GitHub page with btcrecover, the password for the bitcoin-wallet and the recovery tool. The GitHub page explains that btcrecover is designed for cases where users know most of their passwords, but need help in trying to work out different possible combinations.

The developers said they would disclose their identity when the winner presents the rights to bitcoin. While they limited themselves to the following:

We are a group of game developers, the authors of this insane game concept. Being big fans of games in the genre of «treasure hunting», we drew inspiration from such a puzzle game as Sur la trace de la chouette d’or, in which, in 1993, somewhere in the territory France was hidden statue of a golden owl. At the same time, a set of textual riddles was published. Until now, no one has been able to solve them and get a statue of gold, silver and diamonds weighing 15 kg.

The book of puzzles «In search of the golden owl,» which no one has ever managed to «pass through», even became a reason for the trials.

Motherboard journalists turned to Steam with the question of whether or not players will be able to receive a reward. Judging by what is written in the rules of registration, it is possible.

In addition, journalists asked the developers why they prefer to remain anonymous, but the answer has not yet followed.