Fast food in Canadian style: chicken and potatoes from KFC for bitcoins

The fast food chain KFC, which is second only to McDonald’s in terms of sales, started selling a new specialty in Canada for bitcoins: a bucket with fried chicken, French fries and other ingredients. It is called — bitcoin bucket. Beginning is experimental and at the same time comic character.

The bitcoin bucket has its own Facebook page, where you can track its price, which is about 20 Canadian dollars and fluctuates along with the bitcoin course.

Just go to the Canadian diner KFC and pay off the crypto currency at the checkout can not. The company takes bitcoins via BitPay on a special page in the network. The bucket is promised to be delivered directly to the customer’s address, for which you need to pay an additional five dollars.

KFC Canada is joking on Twitter:

If Satoshi reveals his identity, our buckler is due to him.
Apparently, the mysterious creator of the bitcoin was left without a treat: at the time of writing this material, the inscription «sold out» hung on the page «bitcoin-bucket».

A tweet of the Canadian branch of KFC also suggested that the company would later accept other crypto-currencies as well.

Note that the initiative of Canadian fast food did not affect the value of Yum! Brands, the parent company of KFC, so it’s not worth asserting that any mention of bitcoin, crypto or lock-up leads to immediate growth of stocks and, as a result, market capitalization.