Readers’ stories: Dinner at the Michelin restaurant for bitcoins

Autumn and the beginning of winter brought a good return on investment in crypto currency, so before the New Year holidays it was decided to fix part of the profit and spend it on holidays. My crypto-currency briefcase contains 24 coins. Most of them are from the top twenty by capitalization, among which bitcoin (about half of all funds), light, ether, bitcoin cache and other top coins. Very, by the way, pleased ripple, there was a certainty that he would go beyond one dollar and he confidently justified this forecast. Of the remaining coins, bets were made on IOTA, Monero, Lisk, Steem and Zcash. The portfolio of coins by the end of the year brought good figures on profitability, it is possible and even necessary to pause and crypto-currency detox.

On New Year’s holidays decided to go skiing somewhere near Russia and went by car to Finland. Northern nature, good roads and a lot of snow. Suomi, so Finns call themselves Finns, a very hospitable country. Attitude to tourists is excellent — everywhere the visitors are waited by genuine goodwill of the staff, responsiveness and high-quality service. By the way, the authorities of this Nordic country are no less favorable to crypto-currencies.

As early as 2014, the Finnish court classified bitcoin as a payment instrument. A little later, local authorities introduced a tax on the growth of the crypto-currency capital — the so-called. «Tax on wealth.» After that, the first sales of goods for bitcoins followed. For example, in 2016 in Helsinki was sold to the popular among the Finns Tesla model S. The lack of taxes on electric cars, innate care for the environment and high incomes make cars of this class very attractive in the eyes of local citizens. By the way, in Helsinki to meet Tesla, even model X, as a taxi — not uncommon.

In general, Finland is very IT-and a crypto-oriented country. Suffice it to recall the LocalBitcoins (global exchanger) and Denarium (sale of physical coins-bitcoins). Two months ago, the largest Slush conference took place here, at which more than 150 crypto-currency start-ups were presented.

Armed with all these impressions and after skiing in the famous resort town of Himos, we went to Helsinki. In search of a good restaurant with Nordic cuisine for the evening came across one that has a Michelin star. Bitcoin and other coins have grown quite well over the past couple of months, there has never been a high-end restaurant in the restaurant yet, in general they decided to celebrate all the occasions — both holidays and financial success.

If someone has forgotten, the stars of the restaurant for the restaurant are a recognition of the skillful quality of the cuisine of the establishment and the professionalism of the masters working in it. In such restaurants do not serve on the menu, and they are not visited in order to «eat.» They get acquainted with the true local cuisine, its unimaginable combinations and culinary skills of the chef.

«Dinner» in this place lasts from three to five hours. All this time is divided into «chapters», each of which is devoted to a certain culinary delights. Such «chapters» can be from 4 to 9. Within the framework of one «chapter» they present only one dish, before tasting which is sure to tell its history and the expected taste combinations. Portions, by the way, are very small. Each fits one tablespoon. However, their combination, consistency, and apparently seemingly long intervals between «heads» are created in such a way that by the end of this almost theatrical performance, there is neither the feeling of hunger nor the feeling of excessive satiety. But the satisfaction and impressions of the dishes tested and the taste flavors discovered by them remain. For four people, this dinner cost us 650 euros. But it was worth it. I believe in the growth of the cue ball and look forward to a new trip and new impressions from Michelin restaurants.

The name of the restaurant does not specifically disclose, you can easily find it on the net, and also in connection with the strict rules of such establishments, which forbid them in any way to advertise their «Michelin» status.