site stopped advertising bitcoin as «fast» and «cheap»

The Next Web publication drew attention to the fact that (not to be confused with, which is closely linked to the competing Bitcoin Cash crypto currency) has changed the advertising of bitcoin.

Now instead of telling the public about «fast» transactions and «low commissions», the site advertises the technology as allowing to carry out p2p-transactions, international payments, and also to defend against scammers. You can see the changes in the English version of the site, and in Russian, speed and cheapness are still moving forward.

By changing advertising slogans, it can be assumed that bitcoin developers are beginning to view technology more as a digital asset than a real currency.

Recently, several technical solutions to the problems of low speed and insufficient efficiency of transactions in the bitcoin network have been proposed, but none of them has yet won the wide recognition of the crypto community. The most famous and expected solution is the Lightning Network protocol, which is already beginning to be tested in the main network.

In the meantime, the users are faced with a rhetorical question whether they should pay a commission of $ 20 for a transaction of $ 10. When it comes to small amounts, other crypto currencies may be preferable to bitcoin in this respect.