11 companies from the list of Fintech 50 from Forbes are closely connected with the blocking and crypto-currencies

February 13 Forbes for the third time presented a list of Fintech 50, which includes the 50 largest companies in the field of financial technology in 2018. It is noteworthy that 11 of the listed companies use blocking technology or work closely with the crypto-currency industry.

The founders of The Bitfury Group, Coinbase and Ripple, the three companies that entered Fintech 50, were also on the Forbes list, entitled «The richest people in the crypto currency industry», published last week.

Forbes also presented a separate article that analyzes the impact of blocking and crypto-currency companies that are on the Fintech 50 list.

Forbes writes that these companies, which «we do not notice» because of the endless media coverage of the price volatility of digital currencies, «build an infrastructure that supports both open crypto currency markets and initiatives that can significantly change how financial transactions are executed and recorded «.

The same article Forbes identifies nine companies as «the future of blocking and crypto-currency.» Five of them this year for the first time were in the rating. For each of the nine companies, brief information is provided on its activities, founders, funding and on whom it «threatens».

For example, Blockchain is represented as «the most popular crypto-currency purse in the world», which represents a serious competition for Coinbase and Xapo. Chain, which offers office technology for blocking and software for balances in the registries of fi nite companies and e-commerce enterprises, appears as a threat to «inefficient storage of records in the financial sphere.»

Veem and Robinhood also included a list of Fintech 50, but Forbes does not mention their connection with the blocking and crypto-currencies. Veem is a system for sending and receiving payments for businesses using blocking technology, and Robinhood is a stock trading application that recently announced the launch of Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) trading.